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The Mushroom Forager often receives inquiries from mycophiles interested in attending a custom, private or small group mushroom workshop. We are happy to work with you to craft your dream workshop or foray. Examples of custom mycological services, workshops, and private forays include: 


Small Group Wild Mushroom Foray

Organize a guided foray with a few friends, your family, or your entire office. Discover what mushrooms fruit in your favorite local forest.


Mycological Survey/Tour of Your Land

Have you ever wondered whether your land is a chanterelle goldmine or a porcini paradise? Invite Ari Rockland-Miller of The Mushroom Forager out to walk your woods, and learn mushroom ID skills while discovering your land’s mycological denizens. If you are lucky, you may discover a patch of gourmet mushrooms that will fruit for decades!


Backyard Shiitake Production: Complete Installation

We install a productive shiitake mushroom laying yard at your home or business, bringing all materials and supplies (including the logs!). We will inoculate enough logs to provide your household with an abundance of shiitake from May through September. Your logs will fruit the season after inoculation, and should produce abundantly for 3-6 years.


Tree ID for Mushroom Hunters

Hone your tree ID skills, focusing on trees that are the mycorrhizal partners of our favorite gourmet mushrooms on the ForageCast. Discover how to make your hunts wildly productive by foraging the right forest ecosystem at the right time of year.


Medicinal Mushrooms of June

June is peak season for the hemlock reishi (Ganoderma tsugae) in the Northeast, a celebrated adaptogen that makes an excellent medicinal tincture or tea. Discover how to find and identify reishi, as well as other forest medicinals including turkey tail, chaga, artist’s conk, tinder conk, and red-belted polypore.


For more information, geographic range of our custom workshops and services, and pricing, please contact us via email: