Our workshops have consistently received excellent reviews, instilling further mushroom foraging and cultivation enthusiasm in participants! Here’s what past workshop participants have said about The Mushroom Forager’s workshops:

“A life changing workshop! My family and I spent a very special day together learning about the natural world. Our hikes in the woods will never be the same again!” – Lisa L., Dorset, VT

“You were both so enthusiastic and it spread out to all of us. Great, fun learning experience. It was all very helpful and engaging. Looking forward to other workshops!” – Beth H., Burlington, VT

“Super informative and excellent all around. The best event I’ve attended so far this year!” – David, New York, NY

“I loved Ari’s vast knowledge! It was amazing to see the woods in a new light with better trained eyes. I cannot wait to put into practice all that I learned today. We are already looking forward to Ari’s spring class!” – Shannon P., Chester, VT

“The excitement you both had was contagious. Excited teachers are the best teachers. Also the amount of mushrooms in that single location was mind blowing. It was so great!” – Katrina B., Brattleboro, VT

“Ari is a wonderful teacher! I love the way he makes the whole workshop atmosphere relaxed and gets a lot of information across at the same time. He was so welcoming to everyone’s questions and his passion for what he does comes across so strongly. I learned a ton and have already been having fun walking through the woods looking for mushrooms.” – Jenny, Lincoln, VT

“You are doing great work that is inspiring and thought provoking. The highlight for me was when Ari and Jenna talked about the ethics of mushroom foraging with great care and concern for our natural environment and not over harvesting its resources. It inspired me to think carefully about my ethics when I am using anything that the forest provides from firewood to mushrooms.” – Stephanie C., Athol, MA

“The world needs more people like you two, doing wonderful work like this. I thought you were VERY organized; the pre-walk information was great; the directions to the site were great. Ari and Jenna knew the wooded area we were exploring (i.e. they had good mushroom eyes) and definitely knew their mushrooms. I also like their personalities; gentle people sharing their deep knowledge. Mushroom on!” – Betty J., Worcester, MA

“We had a great experience and our only wish was that we could do it again the next day! Ari was great.” – Kim V., Vermont

“Loved foraging and was blown away by the abundance of mushrooms and the variety immediately upon walking into the forest. Loved learning from Ari about his extensive knowledge of mushrooms!” – Jill S., Great Barrington, MA

“We at The Nature Museum in Grafton, VT give you a big hug for a fabulous day spent in the Wild World of Mushrooms. Your presentation and the walk was a balanced mix of science and searching. It was a treat to taste a variety of foraged mushrooms yummed up by Jenna. Thanks guys.” – Laurie D., President of Board of Directors of The Nature Museum at Grafton

“Informative, entertaining, and fun! Loved the classroom presentation and the foraging.” – Wilhelmina, Bellows Falls, VT

“The PowerPoint presentation and tastings were excellent. I of course loved the foraging too! Okay, you got me, I loved it all! Great job!” – Amanda Y., Killington, VT

“The instructors were very knowledgeable yet explained things in a way a beginner can comprehend. Kind souls, I’m glad I got a chance to meet them.” – Daniel D., Chester, VT

“Great story telling and personality. You can tell you both love your work!!” – Annette D., Wakfield, MA

“The workshop had depth of information, yet great variety of information. Well organized, exciting, and kept me engaged the entire time. My favorite workshop of the [2013 NOFA Summer] conference so far!” – Rebecca E., Leverett, MA

“Ari is so knowledgeable and he is an excellent communicator. I loved walking through the woods and identifying mushrooms.” – Markus, South Burlington, VT

“Ari was a great speaker – the PowerPoint was well structured with great images, and he followed it very clearly. The workshop was informative to both beginners and more advanced foragers. I wouldn’t change a thing about the lecture! We could have listened for two more hours! It was the best workshop we saw [at the 2012 NOFA Summer Conference]. Also, Ari’s being available to look at things on Facebook is fantastic – what a great contribution to community!” – Andrea, Cohasset, MA

“Ari’s enthusiasm was contagious. He made it fun and we learned a lot! The homemade goodies were also such a nice touch. Thanks to all!” – Robin, Groton, NY

“The entire workshop was great. Ari and Jenna, your teamwork is awesome in the workshops and on The Mushroom Forager blog. The hands-on participation of shiitake inoculation was also very enjoyable. The setup with a station for each step made the process flow nicely. We will set it up that way when we start our own shiitake laying yard! Well done and excellent information.” – Maria, Locke, NY

“A great experience and a lot of fun! Very informative. Well worth the hour and a half drive from Syracuse!” – Alan, Syracuse, NY