We hope you’re as excited as we are about the upcoming Northeastern mushroom foraging season! While you wait patiently for morels, in the mean time you can get excited about the 2012 workshop season with The Mushroom Forager. This upcoming week, The Mushroom Forager’s 2012 workshop season will be kicking off with a fun-filled workshop at the Horticulture Society of New York in New York City called Mushrooms Wild and Cultivated. Participants will be introduced to the region’s most distinctive and delicious wild mushrooms, as well as inoculating a shiitake log to take home. 

We’re also looking forward to two workshops in Western Massachusetts – a mushroom cultivation and foraging workshop in Montague on May 12th (just a few seats left, so register while there is still space!), and a foraging lecture and guided walk at the 2012 NOFA Conference in August. Between May and August, there are a handful of workshops scheduled in Vermont at the Metta Earth Institute, Shelburne Farms, Twin Pond Retreat and the Center for Whole Communities. We are excited to be collaborating with our friend Steve Gabriel of Work with Nature for two of these workshops.

If you aren’t able to join us for any of these events, stay tuned as there will likely be additional workshops added to the 2012 schedule. Please visit our Upcoming Workshops page to learn more about our workshop offerings and our Testimonials page to get a flavor of what past workshop participants have said about The Mushroom Forager. We hope the foraging season ahead fills your baskets with a cornucopia of wild treats!

On left: Workshop participants inoculate a log with shiitake spawn. On right: Ari leads a workshop on mushrooms in the garden at the Ithaca Community Gardens in 2011.